Tribe Thoughts

Take a look! What is the VIBE Tribe saying?


"Zach and Jess have created an incredible healing environment at VIBE, which is striking as soon as you walk in. Even better, Dr. Zach's adjustments are always just what I didn't realize I needed. After just three weeks of visits, I have experienced a remarkably clearer sense of purpose, direction, and healing of past trauma through improved health of my nervous system. If you're on the fence about checking out VIBE, I'll personally guarantee it as one of the best things you can do for yourself." - Joe

"Dr. Zach Thomas has an exceptional presence - he truly embodies a passion for helping individuals and families live to their optimal potential. He and his outstanding wife Jessica create a space of healing, love, and acceptance. They are also parents to a bright and adorable little girl and they are a great resource for young couples and families looking to have a natural pregnancy and birth and to learn about holistic parenting. I highly recommend Vibe to all families in Columbus!" - Sarah

"Dr. Zach Thomas is an exceptional and passionate doctor serving the Columbus area. His gentle adjustments to anyone from newborns to adults are the best! Jessica is the kindest and most welcoming person, they both make you feel so at home when you are around them. I would highly recommend seeing the team at Vibe if you have a goal of getting healthy and living a long quality life." - Heather

"Dr. Zach and Jessica are two of the finest people I know. They are outstanding parents and run so smoothly as a team. Dr. Zach is an amazing chiropractor and will provide world class care for you, your children, and your family." - David

"I was inspired to see Dr. Zach because I needed to see someone about my pains. When I met him, I knew his approach was what I was looking for. I would recommend Dr. Zach and chiropractic care to anyone. The thoughts and myths I believed about chiropractic have been 'debunked' after starting care at VIBE." - Chris

"I initially came to VIBE because it was a local business and I was searching for ways to better my health. Dr. Zach has quickly become a friend. The various adjustments are well thought out and I have begun to see improvement with my back stiffness." - Travis

"Dr. Zach is of the highest class. He cares deeply about each and every one of his practice members, and is extremely passionate about health and healing. He has helped me in many ways, and I know he can do the same for you and your family!" - Dan T.

"Dr. Zach has an incredible presence as a chiropractor that instills a sense of trust and confidence. I've been adjusted by many chiropractors from many styles over the years, and the level of attention, skill, and specificity that he brings to every single session is unparalleled. I have always felt improvements in my health after an adjustment with Dr. Zach and will continue to trust him." - Dan C.

"Dr. Zach Thomas is the real deal. Deeply cares about the people he takes care of, and is always striving to be the best human being he can. He is fully committed to elevating humanity through chiropractic. If you are looking for "That Something", I suggest you make an appointment ASAP, and get your nervous system checked. Your true human potential awaits you at VIBE." - David R.

"I have seen chiropractors in the past and have had some poor experiences. At VIBE, I saw results after my first visit and continue to see them every week. I have an increased ability to focus, easier time falling asleep, and more energy since starting with Dr. Zach." Jeff M.

"I have less back pain; more ease of movement since starting at VIBE. Dr. Zach really seems to know my problem areas. Also, I like the 'body healing itself' philosophy and the gentleness of the adjustements" - Lorelee S

"What I enjoy the most about VIBE is the positive, calm atmosphere, and that I feel listened to by Dr. Zach. He always explains what he is doing!" - Sandra L

" My feet feel better with less pressure. I am able to stand more comfortably while I am at work all day. Dr. Zach is very educational and always wants me to know what is going on." - Lexi W

"I was seeking something new in order to reach a pain free life. I've noticed a gradual reduction in tension throughout my entire body. Dr. Zach has created a broader awareness of health effecting factors in which I am able to work on while I'm not in the office. His services are personalized and he inspires healthy living in all aspects." - Jacob W

" I was a little nervous to come to VIBE because I had never been to a chiropractor before. I didn't know what to expect, but I was pleasantly surprised. I have been sleeping better, more ease with movements through the day, and my back has felt MORE relaxed/ "normal"/ painless since I started at VIBE than it has in 15 years. My back pain is less and less each day, but also my mind is more open as well. I've been able to learn a lot about myself through this process...I really like how Dr. Zach explains what's going to happen before anything gets adjusted. It is clear that he is very patient and wants to listen to the body and not force it." - Brooke B.

" I was hesitant when starting at VIBE because I did not know how effective chiropractic was. I was PROVEN WRONG. I have benefited 100% from getting adjusted and have noticed improvements in my mood, posture, and fitness activity." - Jim K

" I was seeking new techniques for pain and stress relief. Dr. Zach was highly recommended and I felt more comfortable after our 1st in depth phone conversation. I seen improvements with my range of motion and decreased muscle tightness. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Zach to others. He has a calming nature and a healing practice."

- Michele M