Our Story


Dr. Zach Thomas

Founder, Vitalistic Chiropractor

Zach is a born and raised Buckeye! He lived and grew up in Reynoldsburg, Ohio where he was heavily involved in sports from kindergarten through high school. He is a 2012 graduate of The Ohio State University where he received his Bachelors of Science in Education. Zach went on to earn his Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Life University in Marietta, Ga.

Just like so many other people finding their way to a chiropractic office, Zach started his care after a major back injury. What initially started as a means to an end of pain and discomfort, turned into a curiosity of something new.

"I remember leaving after my first adjustment and thinking to myself 'What the heck just happened? What was that?'. I was walking to my car and noticed that the colors around me were so much more crisp. I had this 'lightness' feeling come over my body and for the first time in over a year I felt at peace within my own body!'

He soon realized that he needed to pursue a life in chiropractic. Knowing very little about chiropractic, other than his short duration of care for his injury, Zach left Columbus for Marietta, Ga in search of a renewed spark for L.I.F.E. Little did he know that the time spent in Georgia would be that and so much more.

Zach, along with his wife Jessica and daughter Shayn, moved back to the Columbus area in June of 2017. Returning home was not always the plan, but once it was they could not wait to come back to the city they love and to serve their community.

" Coming back to Columbus means so much to Jess and I. About 2 years ago, I was walking through the Short North while home for a convention, and just had this feeling come over me that Columbus is where we needed to be. Being able to come back home and serve the place that raised me is an unbelievable feeling."


Jessica Thomas

Co-Founder, Wellness Advocate

Jessica is a proud wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, truth-seeker, and free-spirit. She grew up in Gahanna, Ohio. Alongside her husband, Dr. Zach, she co-founded VIBE.

In her early twenties, Jessica began to suffer from severe anxiety. She was given the diagnosis of 'severe panic disorder'. This caused a regression in her life - socially, emotionally, and spiritually. It was a 'condition' she didn't understand or know how to 'fix'.

In 2013, she moved to Atlanta with Zach for him to pursue his doctorate degree. It was there that she was introduced to the Chiropractic philosophy. Essentially, the power that made the body heals the body. After nearly a decade of working in the hospitality industry, it was evident to that she needed a change and more connection to this philosophy.

Zach encouraged her to seek out Chiropractic care in their new hometown and she found Dr. Wade Port in East Cobb Georgia and her whole paradigm SHIFTED.

"I expected my adjustment to address ONLY the physical aspect of my being. I never thought that a Chiropractic adjustment would make such a difference mentally and emotionally. I remember going into the appointment in a total fog - almost unable to talk - and not in a good mindset, but when I left I was buzzing, excited and even super chatty! I cried on the way home and when Zach asked if I was ok, I explained that I just felt really 'happy'. I couldn't believe the difference and the relief I felt. My life was changed in an instant and that change came from within my own body."

Jessica had a yearning and a desire to expand her knowledge on the human body. Within 3 months of her first adjustment she took a leap of faith and left her career behind and started working at Dr. Port's Chiropractic office as the Office Manager where she served for 2 1/2 years. While working at the office she decided to go back to school for what she was truly passionate about - nutrition & psychology. She achieved her Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Health Coaching from Life University and is also a trained Doula, just a few months away from being certified.

Zach and Jessica also welcomed their first child, Shayn Amelia Thomas, while in Marietta, GA.

"I can say with certainty that my experience with pregnancy and birth would be much different without Chiropractic care. My care throughout pregnancy allowed me to find the most comfort and ease within my body and set me up to have a beautiful unmedicated birth. Through Webster Technique, a specific technique for pregnancy, my body was balanced, and able to integrate the rapid changes and my baby was able to position perfectly throughout pregnancy and into birth."

Jessica is honored to serve alongside her husband and be a source of support and healing for her community and home state.