Billions to Trillions

When it comes to your children and their health there is nothing more important than their brain.

That’s right, their BRAIN!

As your kids grow and develop it is their brain that is dictating every single aspect of that growth.

As newborns, they already have 100 billion neurons in their brains with 50 trillion connections. In the first 3 months of life those connections will multiply by 20!!!

I don’t even know what that number is it’s so big.

All of those connections are created by the experiences in your kiddos lives and how those experiences are perceived.

The combination of the experience and how they are perceived is what creates the “wiring” for the connections in their brains. As the saying goes “neurons that fire together, wire together.”

So, the connections that become the strongest in the developing brain of your child are the ones that are “fired” the most. Those become the most ingrained into the brain.

Knowing this about the brain we can begin to understand why some kiddos have health challenges like constipation, ear infections, sleeping trouble, ADD, ADHD, and sensory issues.

If the brain is chronically stressed at a young age, those patterns are continuously firing and wiring together. Eventually creating a brain that is in a sympathetic response all the time.

In this place, the brain believes it is under attack and responds accordingly. Less focus on health, growth, and development. More focus on self-preservation, fighting, or running away.

A brain that is stressed out and constantly worrying about protecting itself from the life threatening event that (most likely) is not there can not be in a place of health.

Health comes from a place a ease, balance and connection. All of which are natural states of a brain and body that live in a dominant, adaptable parasympathetic state.

A child’s brain that is able to function in a balanced state is a brain that can focus on ALL the things that are required to keep our kiddos happy and healthy.

They are able to digest their food regularly, go to the bathroom, sleep, regulate their energy, have more control of their moods, and have better overall awareness of their environment.

You see, if this balanced state is given the chance to fire and wire together at an earlier age it becomes the baseline.

Building strong brains, strong immune systems on a strong foundation that will continue to support them through every single stage of life.

Chiropractic care DIRECTLY influences the brain by allowing the stress response to “turn off” and bringing up the balance state. In turn, allowing the brain to function at its best and giving your child the best chance at optimal health.