A Moment Etched in Our Nervous Systems

July 18th, 2016 at 6:36am my life was changed forever.

At that moment, as I supported the body weight of my exhausted wife as she lay in a birthing tub in Atlanta Medical Center, we welcomed our beautiful daughter Shayn Amelia Thomas earth-side.


In that moment, time seemed to stand still. The both of us had been up over 24 hours. Jessica labored for a total of 27 hours (9 hours active) and we were finally seeing Shayn for the first time. Over whelmed with ALL the emotions we could muster, we were in awe at the perfection that was before us.


After I cut the cord, the nurses picked Shayn up from Jessica and handed her to me for the first time. I couldn’t believe that she was with me AND that I was actually holding her. As she was balled up on my chest, crying her little lungs out.


Sleep deprived with adrenaline running through my veins to keep me awake, I did my best to be in that moment. To be present with MY DAUGHTER for the very first time. Not speaking but doing my best to let her know that I would always have a chest for her head to lay and ALL the love she could ever need.


That moment will forever be etched into my nervous system. Into my heart. Into the very fabric of who I am!


Also, in that moment, the chiropractor in me stepped forth. Even though Jessica made it through labor with no interventions and everything went smoothly, I still knew that Shayn had just endured a major amount of stress.


Even when there seems to be no complications during labor, the act of birth is extremely stressful on mom and newborn.


As a chiropractor, knowing this and that most of that stress on Shayn was localized in her upper cervical (neck) area after 9 hours coming down the birth canal, I gently placed my hand on her neck.


Atlas on the left was ever so slightly mis-aligned. Why is this important? Being the first vertebra in the neck, Atlas surrounds the brainstem. The location to all the FUNCTIONS AND ABILITIES a newborn has are there, in the brainstem.


Like a flower in bloom starts closed and slowly begins to open and eventually reveals the beauty within. The brain develops somewhat the same way. Staring in the brainstem as a newborn and slowly begins to develop and “open up” into the cortex.


As it does this, all the higher functioning processes that give us the ability to interact at higher levels develop. Walking, speech, fine motor skills, connection with others, etc. This is all happening via the brain/nervous system!


Back to Shayn and I. With barely enough pressure to move her skin, I held my thumb on her Atlas for 10-15 seconds. I could feel her Atlas ever so slightly shift. Her first adjustment!


She went from a crying, balled up on my chest to immediately peaceful and calm.


In that moment, I knew. I knew that would forever be etched in HER nervous system! Into who she would become.


This is why I see children at VIBE. The nervous system is constantly at work to create and maintain our health. When given the opportunity to do this without any interference HEALTH becomes a natural state.


Chiropractic for kids (or anyone) is about the brain. It’s about the nervous system. Most of all, it’s about creating a foundation of health for children to grow healthy, live healthy, so they can be the absolute best version of themselves!