It's Always There!

Many of you that are reading this have had the pleasure of meeting my daughter, Shayn.

She is full of energy, spunk, and always up to figure out what new things are.

Ever since she joined Jessica and I earth-side I have been blown away by her on a regular basis.

Whether it is just sitting back in awe at how she has grown or if it is looking at Jessica like" “What the?” after she just rambled off a string of words I had no idea she could say.

There have been a number of times in her short 2 1/2 years that family members, friends, or complete strangers she her and tell us that “she is so advanced” or that “she can do that already? Wow!”

I am not sharing this with you to brag on Shayn (even though I think she is the most AWESOME little human ever), but rather to impress upon you this thought…

No matter how awesome Shayn will always be to me, she is not SPECIAL 😲

Now before you start thinking that I have lost my mind and that I’m some kind of cold father, let me explain.

The fact that Shayn can do all the things she can does not make her special in my mind. What makes her/ is going to make her special is the human she is/ will become.

By saying that she is special because she can clearly articulate the things she wants, that she says please and thank you to complete strangers, or that she was potty trained early means that the kiddos that are not doing these things yet are inherently NOT special.

EVERY kiddo is special in their own right AND they all have an immense potential within them to be healthy!

Some potential may not be as high as some, but it does not mean it is not there. It has always been there. From the moment of conception, through pregnancy, during labor, sparking the first breath, and continuing until the last.

At the core, chiropractic care for kids is about unlocking this potential. Optimizing nervous system function and allowing EVERY child to express their innate potential to be healthy!