Your Child's Brain & Their Milestones

If you are a parent to an infant/toddler or have been in the past, then you are well aware of what developmental milestones are.

You might even know what milestones are supposed to occur and when!

How many of you out there know WHY developmental milestones are so important?

The obvious is for development, but the development of what?

Developmental milestones are mapped out chronologically AND sequentially to show the development of your child’s brain.

Yes, you read that correctly. Their BRAIN!

It is fun and SUPER cute to post all the pictures and videos of kiddos on social media learning to crawl and walk, but when we get down to it, milestones are one of many essential “landmarks” kiddos must hit as they grow.

The developing brain of a child is much like a flower bud blooming.

In the beginning, the flower bud is tightly wrapped together as the flower is going through its initial processes for growth. As these processes continue the bud begins to slowly grow and open.

This process continues until the flower is in full bloom. Showing to the world all of its potential that was “stored away” in the bud weeks/ months prior.

Your child’s brain develops in a somewhat similar way.

As an infant and newborn, all of their vital life functions come from an area of the brain known as the brainstem ( via cranial nerves). This area of the brain is located at the base of there head/ top of their neck.

At this point of development, this is like the bud of the flower. There are basic functions for life, but not much else.

As your child develops, their brain will begin to “open up” like a flower.

It will go from solely functioning in the brainstem to creating BILLIONS of neural connections.

We can see these connections occur in a VERY SPECIFIC order and in a VERY SPECIFIC TIME through the developmental milestones.

As the higher functioning parts of the brain begin to “open up” and “turn on” your child will begin to show the ability to do more complex actions and tasks.

If certain milestones are severely delayed or skipped all together that can show that there is an imbalance in the development of their brain.

Finding out where that imbalance started and helping the brain find its balance again is CRUCIAL in order for optimal growth and development to occur!

By having your child checked and adjusted by a chiropractor can help restore balance and optimize their growing/ developing brains.

Zach Thomas