A Different Way Of Thinking

A few weeks ago, I had stopped at a Speedway to get some gas before heading home for the day.

Usually, I have absolutely ZERO cash on me and pay for gas at the pump, but this time I had cash. So, I went inside to pay.

There was a small line at the register when I made it inside.

The young woman (maybe 18-20 years old) standing in front of me seemed to be in a frantic search for the right cough medicine.

You know, the 2 packs of Dayquil and every other over the counter (OTC) medicine you find in a gas station?

She was flipping through them until she found what she was looking for.

As I went to pay for my gas I noticed that she had the 2 packs of medicine, likely for the congestion she was experiencing (I could tell by the way she was breathing), and 2 MountainDew Kickstarts.

I have never had one of these and my days of drinking stimulant packed, sugar ladened energy drinks are far behind me, but I knew at that moment that she was fighting an uphill battle.

How did I know you ask?

That way of thinking used to be the way I thought.

I used to think that I could take an OTC medication, like Dayquil, to get rid of my congestion and I was “better.”

All the while, continuing to eat and drink whatever I wanted.

I would have you consider, in this case, that if I or the woman I saw at the gas station would just cut the “crap” - our health would be drastically different!


One reason…. the nervous system!

When we start to throw a bunch of “crap” at our nervous systems (in this case energy drinks and OTC’s) we are instantly giving our nervous systems/ bodies MORE to process.

A different way to think about sugar, stimulants, and OTC’s is that they are all added EXTERNAL stressors to the nervous system that impede its ability to adapt to its surroundings - aka your life!

Removing or decreasing the use of them will have a positive impact on your nervous system and your health by allowing to better adapt.

Taking it one step farther…

A way to INCREASE the adaptability of your nervous system is with the care provided in our office.

By checking and adjusting the spine when needed, the nervous system is able to function and adapt better to the stressors in your life.

Giving way to your nervous system having a chance to be stronger, more connected, and more vibrant in its ability to keep you healthy. Right now and into the future!

Zach Thomas