The Holiday's Are Meant For Family

If you are not from the midwest, let me tell you that fall in Ohio is THE BEST season!

The crisp air, colorful leaves, and warm apple cider!

These are some of my favorite things that come around every year at this time.

These things are almost always guaranteed to show up in some way or another every year, no questions asked (minus some major shortage of apples).

With all of the wonderful things that come along with fall, there are some things about this season that some do not look forward to…

Getting sick!

Growing up I had the same thought process about fall being the season when the “flu bug” came out.

There are 2 things that I would invite you to consider about this.

Fevers, runny noses, coughs. etc are the bodies innate, healthy response to fighting off viruses and bacteria

The Flu does NOT have a season

Let me expand on #2 some.

Think about this, what do you think would happen to your bodies ability to fight off infection if it is under increased stress, getting less sunlight (vitamin D), having more party food, and more sugar (aka holiday season)?

Not sure? I’ll tell you!

Your body is going have a harder time functioning at its best when it's under this kind of stress.

Over the holiday season, it is easy to get away from our normal healthy habits and start to overindulge in many different ways that leave our bodies more susceptible to infections, like the flu.

It is not that the season of fall has some magical power over the human body and forces so many to experience symptoms and health challenges, it is more likely that what we are eating, drinking, and experiencing during this season (on top of the stress we already have) that leads to our challenges.

Here is one thing that you can do to immediately (that will cost you NO $) help you and your family be healthier during the holidays

Cut the sugar - Finding ways to decrease the amount of sugar you and your family consume over the holidays will have an immediate impact on immune system function.

Sugar has a direct impact on the immune system, so much so that it instantly decreases the function of the cells that fight off infection (white blood cells). Not to mention that sugar stimulates a drug-like response AND hijacks its function of THE MOST IMPORTANT system in the body.

What is that system?

It is the same system that allows you to process and integrate events and experiences in yours and your families lives. As well as what controls your heart beating and lungs breathing without you having to think about it.

Want to know exactly what system I am talking about? Join me for our very first LIVE Webinar Workshop Wednesday, November 14th @ 6:30pm

Zach Thomas