You, Your Family, and Stress

Stress is one of the most common experiences that we all face many times in life. I believe that most people are aware that they are under stress, but few are as aware of how that stress is affecting their health. What are some everyday examples of stress? An argument with your spouse, having to meet a deadline for “THE PROJECT” at work, trying to remain calm with an inconsolable baby, or your child going through the experience of an ear infection, colic, etc. We all have varying degrees of stress in our lives, but it is how we process that stress that really matters. Before we can talk about that, we need to look into how our bodies function with and without stress.

When we are living with less stress OR we are doing a better job at processing the stress in our life, our bodies are able to do what they were designed to do, be healthy. What would you say is the one thing that has the biggest impact on our ability to be healthy? The heart? The gut? The brain? It is, in fact, your master control system… your NERVOUS SYSTEM! On a very, very simplistic level, your nervous system is your brain communicating with every one of the trillions upon trillions of cells in your body and those cells communicating back to the brain. When your nervous system is free of any interference (physical, mental, emotional, and/or chemical stressors) you are able to function at your optimal potential, therefore, expressing optimal health and increasing overall quality of life.

Overtime, when the physical, mental, emotional, and/or chemical stressors in your life build up and are not processed and integrated by your nervous system they begin to decrease your ability to express optimal health. When you move away from optimal health, you, your children, family, and friends begin to experience symptoms ( aches, pains, sickness, and/or disease). In varying degrees, these symptoms can be minor annoyances to major health/life events, but they are all warning signs from the body that it is in DIS-EASE and action needs to be taken on your part.

Most often, that action comes in the form of something to manage or remove the symptom you are experiencing. That is neither good nor bad, but I ask, is it truly getting to the cause of why that symptom started in the first place? Most likely not. I say that because of the nervous system and the role it plays in your health (as outlined above). Based on this explanation: If you could process the stressors in your life better, more efficiently, wouldn’t it make sense that your nervous system would go back to functions at a higher level? I am here to tell you YES!!!!

This is where chiropractic fits into the equation. When you are checked and adjusted by a chiropractor the process of re-processing and re-integrating all the built-up stress in your body/life begins. When this process begins and is sustained over time, your nervous system is “off-loaded” of the stress that was impeding its function and can return to a more balanced state. Through this process, the aches, pains, etc. you, your kids, family, and/or friends were once experiencing will be obsolete. Thus, allowing optimal health and higher quality of life to return.