About VIBE

What is Health


Most people know the definition of health to be living  with the mere absence of sickness, symptoms, and disease.

We see this understanding as incomplete...

While the status of your health is greatly influenced by the presence or absence of symptoms, sickness, and disease, it is important to know that there is more to your health. The foundation for health begins with the certainty that you are a self-organizing, self-adapting, and self-healing organism. Your optimal health comes from your potential to express health from the inside out.

By empowering people in their times of need, be it pain, sickness, or disease, we can begin to cultivate health when the symptoms are gone.

Vitalistic Chiropractic


As a Vitalistic Chiropractor in Grandview Heights, Dr. Zach focuses on assisting and facilitating your body's innate ability to create health from the inside out. By focusing on this and seeing the body as whole, "greater than the sum of its parts", your body can begin to adapt to the events and experiences in your life, past and present.




From the time you were conceived up until this very moment, your nervous system has been at work adapting to the events and experiences that have come into your life. It is your nervous systems role to help adapt to, process, and integrate the physical, mental, emotional, and chemical experiences in your life. If at any time in your life your nervous system is unable to fully process and experience, it will hold this force somewhere in the body as a subluxation. A subluxation is stored energy that changes the function of your nervous system.

The Adjustment


The adjusting style at VIBE is done all by hand, varying from light touch to a gentle and honoring, yet deep and powerful adjustment. The goal and intent of the adjustment is to allow your nervous system the ability to start to re-process the experiences and stored energy in your life that it could not fully do initially. Thus, bringing more balance, ease, and higher function to your nervous system and you.  

It is common to experience many things after getting adjusted. Some of the most common responses our members experience is better quality of sleep, more ease, less stress, increased awareness of self, decreased mental “fog”, and symptom relief.

When getting adjusted, not only are you going to feel better, but your nervous system will begin to function better. Over time you will begin to become more connected to yourself. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually becoming a more powerful version of YOUrself!


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